Institute of Human

Regional public organization

Institute of Human nature of the Kaliningrad region


The basic kinds of activity of Institute of Humen:

  • Creation of up-to-date technologies in psychology and methodology;
  • Creation of psycho-programs;
  • Mastering skills in psychology correction technologies by psychologists and valeologes;
  • Consulting services to by investigating bodies and courts;
  • Alternative ethics psychological elementary education;
  • Principal manager image-making;
  • Breaking narcotic and alcoholic dependence;
  • Activation of activity think of schoolchildren and students;
  • Family tutor support of the parturient women, children and serious ill patients;
  • Scientific synthesis of western technologies and eastern practice of spirit;
  • Harmonization of the personality the man of new race.

Offered directions of cooperation:

  • Development of "know-how" in psychology and methodology
  • Researches of cause and effect in destiny
  • Definition of political stability of the person
  • Psychological preparation of administrative staff
  • Researches of psycho-frames of the universe, mechanisms of success, psycho of biological deflections, prenatal levels of mentality of the person
  • Development of the programs in the field of drug and alcohol dependence, suicide


... the Psychologist it not the trade is a way of life : in free thinking

You have what you did not lose.

If you have lost ability to think, how you can think freely?


It is impossible to treat illness - it is necessary to treat the person .

It is the base of work of the institute. Unique authors programs of the researchers of the institute are fixed, verified in practice.

 Authors programs:

"Lady" and "Leader"
- social-adaptable, psycho-correctional program of body height of spiritual intellect for teenagers.
- psychology-education program for psychologists, valeologes, teachers, lawyers, managers.
"Family tutor"
- education program on preparation of girls - family tutors for little children, toddlers, schoolchild, seriously ill patients.
"1st Form"
- alternate educational ethic-psychological program of elementary education.
" A Plague of the XX century"
-  social-operant conditioning program on drug and alcoholic problems of the youth.
"The Light of reason "
- anti-alcoholic program for the adults who have lost interest in life, communication with inner-self and the social environment.
- the lecture-training program for pregnant women on preparation to giving birth, education newborn, putting off of psycho-traumatic patrimonial states.
- psycho-educational course of systemic harmonization of spiritual outlook of reason and consciousness in the sphere of self-control and staff management - for top managerial stall in firms, businessmen, lawyers, inspectors, political leaders on creation of deep image, teaching psychology of diplomacy, productive use of knowledge.
The head of the institute:

Iana  Noymier,

the practical psychologist, trainer-valeolog, Author of the psychological programs, bio-energy-internist, post-graduate student of faculty of methodology of Kaliningrad State University

Address: 236001. Kaliningrad, street of Tolbuhen 39, ph. 45-70-13; phone/fax. 44-5823;  E-mail:

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